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R&DAbout Research Institute
  • Research Institute of Dae Young Industry Electric develops multiple control devices on the basis of its making and development of test equipment and electronic circuits applicable to the systems in the defense industry. With relevant technologies, the research institute takes charge of establishing a mass-production system for developing new products to create a future value and improving reliability. Based on technologies, the research institute does the best to secure its independent technologies, to raise human resources who lay the foundation for R&D, and to respond to the market.
Mass Production System
Sensor interface for production information acquisition
Network communication for storing information
Scanning for product serial acquisition
Electronic Circuit Development
Power Line Communication for Long Range Information Transmission
Power inverter
DSP application control circuit development
PC based UI development(LABVIEW, LABWINDOWS CVI)
Ethernet based communication
Ethernet based communication
CSIEDA based PCB Artwork
EMI Filter
Noise analysis
EMI Debugging and Compliance Test Pass
Filter design for electromagnetic noise removal
Reliable filter manufacture
Instrument Design
AUTOCAD based 2D design
INVENTOR based 3D design
3D Printing
Shape design